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Eagle Schematic (a work in progress) PCB Layout (a work in progress) School and work have really been consuming most of my life since September, but this past week or so I’ve found some time to pick up where I left off with the MP3 player. My FAT16 driver is now working a bit better.… Read More »

The worlds worst eBook Reader

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have made some progress. I’ve been working on my fat driver and it is coming along very nicely. Right now I can navigate the contents of the SD card and read any file. As a test, I put a 4mb file on the sd card to try… Read More »

New Goodies!

L to R: PIC18LF4585 DIPs and SMT, 2GB SD Kingston SD card, USB SD Card Reader, SD Card Ejector Sockets I’ve sampled (and purchased) a few more goodies for the project. Most importantly, I’ve sampled some new 18LF4585 PIC’s. The major difference with these PIC’s is that they have more RAM (roughly 3.3Kb as apposed… Read More »

FAT Filesystem and Wirewrap

Drag the circle around to see the other side of the board. Click outside of the circle to “flip” the board. Progress has been booming the past couple of days (or weeks for that matter). I’ve finally gotten around to taking a couple more pictures of my new wirewrap version of the board (pictured above).… Read More »

“Hello!”, said the SD card.

The Master Boot Record of my SD card starting at address 0x1BE (the important stuff). Bonus points to anyone who replies with comments stating what each byte of this block means. Well, sorry that I haven’t posted lately, but I’ve been really quite busy. I’ve had quite a bit of success and the mp3 player… Read More »