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21st Birthday Celebrations

Fireworks that we set off at my lake. My camera’s nightshot mode has a longer aperture time making these look really cool. Well, it’s official; I am now an adult in the eyes of America (not that it really matters, I’ve been an adult in Canada for quite some time now). To celebrate, a couple… Read More »

New MacBook Pro

Hello Everybody! I am the proud new owner of a MacBook Pro. Why did I do it? What could possibly compel me to get a non-pc laptop? Well, with an intel mac, I can run Windows and OSX on the same machine and thus run virtually any piece of software under the sun. Installing Windows… Read More »

WordPress Woes

I have been using this blog software for about two days and I am almost at my limits. I am not sure why I am having so many problems with it, maybe its because I’m running it with php5? Maybe its because I don’t use Internet Explorer, but either way, its got to go.