The worlds worst eBook Reader

By | September 8, 2006

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have made some progress. I’ve been working on my fat driver and it is coming along very nicely. Right now I can navigate the contents of the SD card and read any file.

As a test, I put a 4mb file on the sd card to try and read, and I can successfully read the entire contents of the file on the two line display, effectively making this the worlds worst eBook reader. =) I’ve also converted the fat16 code to use structs so that I don’t have as messy of an interface between the methods. My next step is to figure out when I’m at the end of a file and stop reading at the appropriate spot. Currently, I stop reading at the end of the last cluster in the file, but most files won’t fill up the entire last cluster.

On another front, I’ve managed to interface the STA013 to the pic. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the PIC’s serial module for both SPI and I2C as I had originally planned, so instead I am using the compiler to do software I2C. It is considerably slower, but still more than adequate for just configuring the decoder.

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