Ai-Kon 2018

A big thank you to all of the people who visited our artist table in the vendor room at Ai-kon 2018.   I met so many great people and saw some great art and costumes. Below are the pictures of some of the pieces that we had at the show.  If you found that an item… Read More »

Stellarap Firmware and Hardware

As promised in my previous post, I have uploaded the gerbers, schematic, and bill of materials for the 3D Printer Stellaris Launchpad Booster Pack.  I have also uploaded the firmware to Github for others to use.   The firmware is released under a GPLV3 license and is available here:

CakePHP Calendar Helper

Recently I began my first CakePHP project; for those of you who aren’t aware, CakePHP is a popular model-view-controller framework for creating web applications in PHP. In my project, I had the need for a calendar in a few of my views, and after looking around a bit, I found a nice and simple calendar… Read More »