Well.. I’ve finally succumb to the pressure.

By | June 4, 2006

I’ve gone the stereotypical way of the new mac user and started a blog. I’ve resisted the temptation for so long mainly because I’d rather write my own blog software, despite the fact that in Engineering, re-implementing a solution when one is already readily available is frowned upon.

I am using wordpress, telling myself that this is only a temporary solution. When I have time (not likely to be any time soon at the rate I am going) I will write my own blog software. I look forward to using wordpress and hope to implement some of the features of it in my own blog software.

Eventually I hope to integrate my own web calendar and photo gallery; those pieces of software are even further down my ever increasing list of things to-do.

3 thoughts on “Well.. I’ve finally succumb to the pressure.

  1. steev

    Welcome to the blogging world, Mark! Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your MacBook, and I look forward to reading more of your blog…

    Happy Canada Day,

  2. steev

    PS: I’m not sure if you’re having problems with spam, but may I suggest http://akismet.com/ — it’s probably the best WordPress anti-spam plugin out there. I’m using it, and it’s cut my spam down to zero.

  3. cypher Post author

    Thanks Steve,

    So far my blogging experience has been pretty good, except for my minor troubles with wordpress. So far I’ve had no spam, currently I have to moderate every comment thats posted. If spam becomes a problem, I’ll take your advice and try that extension.


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